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    Designed for students in health-related majors, the social sciences, or other fields in which a basic knowledge of statistical methods is required. Topics include sampling, descriptive statistics, simple linear regression, probability, the normal and binomial distributions, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing for means and proportions, chi-square tests, and simple analysis of variance. Computer-based lab activities are required.

    Designed for students majoring in scientific or technical fields who need a knowledge of college algebra, or for students preparing to take Calculus I. Topics include integer, rational, real, and complex numbers; solving equations and inequalities; and algebraic, exponential, and logarithmic functions and their graphs.

    A continuation of MATH 121. Topics include trigonometric functions and their graphs, trigonometric identities, matrices, determinants, sequences, mathematical induction, and the binomial theorem.

    A continuation of MATH 282. Topics include differential and integral calculus of multi-variable functions, line and surface integrals, Green's theorem, the divergence theorem, and Stokes' theorem. Includes formal definitions and proofs of standard theorems.