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Introduction to mathematics, including algebraic concepts, sets, counting, probability, and descriptive statistics. Additional topics selected from geometry, logic, matrices, linear programming, game theory, mathematics of finance, and stochastic processes.

Study of college algebra including integers; rational, real, and complex numbers; equations and inequalities; polynomials, algebraic, exponential, and logarithmic functions; and graphs.

Study of college precalculus including trigonometric functions and graphs; trigonometric identities; matrices; determinants; sequences and series; mathematical induction; the binomial theorem; counting; and probability.

Introduction to calculus, including topics such as functions, limits, derivatives, and integration in one or more variables; applications from business and social sciences.

Study of functions, limits, continuity, derivatives, definite integrals, and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.

Study of applied statistics, including methods of describing data, distributions, sampling, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing including analysis of variance, correlation, and regression.

Introduction to discrete mathematical structures. Topics include combinatorics, sets, recursion, and graph theory.

Study of indefinite integrals, calculus of inverse functions, and techniques and applications of integration.

Study of differential and integral calculus of multi-variable functions, line and surface integrals, Green's theorem, divergence theorem, and Stokes' theorem.

Study of solutions of first order differential equations, solutions of linear differential equations of order n, applications, linear systems, and series solutions.

Study of counting and probability, probability distributions and densities, mathematical expectation, functions of random variables, sampling distributions, interval estimation, hypothesis testing, and analysis of variance.

Study of functions of a complex variable, the geometry of elementary functions, integration, power series, calculus of residues, and conformal mapping.

Study of functions of one and several variables including continuity, differentiation, integration, infinite serices, uniform convergence, and selected topics.

Includes giving an oral report and writing a scholarly paper on an approved mathematical topic.